Friday, 4 May 2012

You can sign up for updates on US Galaxy S III (but not pre-order)

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Yesterday, Samsung announced that its brand new flagship, the Galaxy S III, will hit Europe on May 29. Availability in the US will come some time in June - and you can now sign up for updates on the Samsung US web site.
The sign up page has a field where you can pick your carrier preference - there are the big players like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile but also, Metro PCS, US Cellular and C Spire Wireless.
The "carrier preference" title is intentionally vague - it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Galaxy S III will be available on those carries, Samsung is just gauging people's interest.

In some regions, the Galaxy S III will have LTE connectivity (and the US is a prime candidate). If you look closely at the official specs, you'll notice a note, saying the specs on the LTE version might differ.
There's speculation that this means a dual-core Krait CPU - that's what HTC and AT&T did with the HTC One X. Plus, Samsung has several US-bound Galaxy S II phones that use a Qualcomm chipset, so a Snapdragon S4 (those are the ones with Krait) isn't out of the question.
We'll have to wait some a few more weeks before Samsung releases official info on matters regarding launch dates, prices, carriers and chipsets for the US S III


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