Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nokia has a backup plan if Windows Phone 8 fails

By on 09:29

Nokia has been frantically rejecting the possibility of putting Android on its smartphones, but this might change if Windows Phone 8 fails to gain traction.
In an interview aired on a Finnish TV, Risto Siilasmaa, a member of the Nokia board of directors, said that Android is the company's "backup plan" if Windows Phone 8 fails.

HTC DROID INCREDIBLE 4G LTE coming to Verizon on July 5

By on 09:01

Verizon has announced that the previously unveiled HTC DROID INCREDIBLE 4G LTE will now be available from them exclusively starting Thursday, July 5. The phone will be sold for $149.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate and two-year contract.

Samsung B5330 QWERTY candybar with ICS leaks

By on 08:55

QWERTY Android smartphones are rare to come by, but it appears they are not ready to go extinct just yet. The just leaked Samsung B5330 proves that at least one manufacturer still has some faith in this form factor.

PR1.3 update for Nokia N9 goes live in some regions

By on 08:53

It looks like Nokia has released PR1.3 for the N9 without much fanfare. After the Finnish company laid off some 10,000 employees last month, it was rumored that any future MeeGo updates would also be scrapped, especially considering that the N9 is the only Nokia smartphone to run the OS.

You can now pre-order the Sony Xperia go in the UK

By on 08:50

The Sony Xperia go, a tough little dual-core droid, has swam to British shores and has began taking pre-orders. Right now, it's only offered SIM-free from multiple online retailers.
Clove UK is asking £225 for the IP67 certified phone. Right now only the black version can be selected (but the white and yellow ones are listed too) and there's a note saying that the first stock is due this week.
Unlocked-mobiles has it a tad cheaper - £220 - and they say they have the Xperia go in stock (but oddly it's still a pre-order) and should start shipping today.

Samsung Omnia W gets Windows Phone Tango update

By on 08:49

Yesterday, we reported that the ageing Dell Venue Pro got the Tango update. Now another, newer and far more popular Windows Phone, the Samsung Omnia W, is getting ready to Tango.

Several users in India are reporting that their Omnia W has gotten the Window Phone Tango update. As usual, the update has to be downloaded by connecting your phone to a desktop computer.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 leaked video shows new features

By on 10:51

A video of a pre-release Feature Pack 2 for Symbian Belle has leaked. Currently available on Nokia's RDA (Remote Device Access), which only Nokia registered developers have access to, allows for Symbian Belle FP2 to be tried out in an emulator.
As the final Symbian hurrah for Nokia, Feature Pack 2 is expected to bring quite a lot to Symbian Belle. The user interface will see most of the changes with a new swipe to unlock, camera UI, navigation bar, widgets and better transition effects.