Sunday, 10 November 2013

Google debuts ART in KitKat, aims to change Android

By on 06:03
Here's something you probably haven't even heard of yet. It's a little something that Google engineers have been working on for over two years, which will change the very way your Android smartphone runs apps.

Samsung reaffirms its support for Tizen, sheds light on its future

By on 06:00
A report in Korean media emerged, shedding light on Samsung’s future plans for Tizen. According to the head of Samsung Electronics’ visual display unit, the OS represents a “significant investment” for Samsung, and much progress has been achieved in its development.

LG G2 goes free on Verizon, deal expires November 11

By on 05:59
The LG G2, which is part of the smartphone elite at the moment, has just gone for free on Verizon Wireless.
All you need to do is sign a two year deal with the carrier, add the phone to your cart (showing you a price of $49.99) and add the promo code VZWDEAL. That code will convert the price to null.

Snapdragon-powered Xiaomi Mi3 to launch next month

By on 05:57
The Xiaomi Mi3 can be ordered in Tegra 4 form but up until now we had no clues as to when you could get the other version, running the faster Qualcomm processor.