Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Motorola Mobility releases first quarter financial results

By on 07:55

Motorola Mobility just announced its first quarter financial results for 2012 and things aren't looking so well.

The total revenue in this period was of $3.1 billion (out of which $2.2 billion were from mobile devices) but the company faced a net operating loss of $85 million, $24 million more than same quarter last year. Motorola managed to ship 8.9 million mobil
e devices, out of which 5.1 million were smartphones.
Motorola is still in the process of being acquired by Google, for which the latter paid $12.5 billion. Considering that this acquisition was purely for the patent rights, we wouldn't be surprised if Google sells it off again to someone else if Motorola continues to bleed money.


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