Saturday, 28 April 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 photo leaks, yes, again

By on 01:27

It's time for today's "photo of the Samsung Galaxy S3" leak - these seem to occur more and more often as we come closer to May 3, when Samsung's Unpacked event will finally settle things one and for all.
Note: the middle and right photos come from previous leaks.
The newly leaked photo is the one on the left
The leaked photo in question (the one on the left) shows a device with a hardware home button with two capacitive keys on its sides (menu and back).
You can see the volume rocker on the left and the power/lock key on the right - basically, the standard Samsung arrangement.
The screen is off, so there's no way to tell if the device uses the on-screen buttons that we've seen inprevious leaks. But it does look an awful lot like the sketch in the alleged leaked manual. And the bezel is very thin - as it would need to be with the rumored 4.6-4.8" screen.


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