Wednesday, 20 June 2012

HTC One S Deluxe Edition comes with Beats Solo in Singapore

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HTC stopped bundling Beats headsets with its high-end smartphones, but on rare occasions there are exceptions. We already saw the One X get bundled with a Beats Solo headset in Taiwan and now it's the HTC One S getting the Deluxe Edition treatment in Singapore.
Just so you know, the Solo headset retails for about $180. So, getting them in a bundle would be great, but the bad news is that the offer comes from one Singapore carrier and no one else (that we've managed to find).
You can get the HTC One S Deluxe Edition from M1 for SGD418 (about $330) on a 2-year contract or for SGD948 ($750) off contract. Other carriers in Singapore don't seem to carry the Deluxe edition, and neither do carriers outside the country for now.
We keep hoping that HTC will give these Deluxe Editions wider availability instead of such one-off deals. If you manage to find the One S or the One X bundled with Beats, we'd appreciate a comment or a tip.
Thanks to Acefire for the tip, keep them coming!

Update: Atli found the HTC One X bundled with iBeats from Vodafone Iceland for ISK134,990 (1,077 USD). Grinch points to Vodafone Romania who also have One X with iBeats for €200 on contract or €560 off contract.
Update 2: SingTel, another Singapore carrier, updated their site and to make it clear that their HTC One S is the Deluxe Edition too. Thanks again Acefire!


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