Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nokia will launch at least one high-end device at MWC

By on 18:06

This year's MWC, starting on February 27 in Barcelona is set to feature a big announcement from Nokia. The news was brought by Forbes, who reportedly learned it from an undisclosed industry source.
Not that we are so surprised to hear it - Nokia said it will be coming back to the MWC after missing out the previous two years and it was only logical they will have some new devices on show this year. Plus, the company is scheduled to hold a press conference on the first day of MWC and if there are no new announcements there will be hardly anything worth talking about there.
Expectations are Nokia will unveil an international version of its Lumia 900 WP smartphone. The device debuted at CES last month as an AT&T US exclusive, but it would be surprising if it retains that status for too long.

There's also an outside chance Nokia will launch its first tablet, but we wouldn't get our hopes too high about that.
Well, we'll find out soon enough. Naturally, we will be on site covering the Nokia press conference for you and feeding you lots of photos, videos and first-hand impressions of whatever smartphone the Finns announce.


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