Saturday, 21 July 2012

Meizu MX 4-core global release not official yet, apparently

By on 23:59

Yesterday we reported that the quad-core Meizu 4-core is now available in various stores around the globe, but it turns out that the smartphone hasn't officially gone global just yet. Meizu reached out to us and clarified that it hasn't yet released its top-dog smartphone outside of China and what we saw is"probably someone in Hong Kong buying from our stores and listing it on Amazon".

The phone is also available through eBay and through a few private online shops. The fact that the listings are from unofficial sellers probably also explains why the 32 gig variant was priced at the steep $650 (up $180 from Meizu's native price). The 64 gig 4-core will set you back $750 and since Meizu itself is yet to release the phone you won't even get international warranty.


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