Monday, 25 June 2012

Korean Galaxy S III to be the first quad-core LTE phone

By on 06:25

Until now, if you wanted LTE support to go with your Galaxy S III, you'd have to sacrifice some processing power, namely the quad-core Exynos chipset, which does not support LTE. Evidence of this can be found in both the US and Japanese versions of the S III with LTE support, both of which are set to have dual-core processors.

It seems that Samsung has confirmed earlier rumors that there will be a version that will bring the best of both worlds, by being able to stuff in a separate LTE modem chip alongside the quad-core Exynos. This will allegedly bump the thickness up to 9mm, but that's not a major increase considering the device currently comes in at around 8.6 mm. Word has it that it will also retain its 2100mAh battery.
Samsung has announced that the quad-core LTE model should hit the Korean market sometime next month. There's no word whether it will come to other markets as of yet.


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