Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Kantar: Android market share doubles in some EU countries

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Analysts are keeping a close eye on the market share of the various mobile OSes. Kantar WorldPanel just reported in and its findings show that Europe enjoyed recent Android offerings more than they did the iPhone 4S.
Their report focuses on the 12 week period that ended in mid April. During that time, Android enjoyed massive growth, nearly doubling its presence in some Euro countries - Spain (where market share went up to 72%), Germany (62%) and Italy (49%).
Apple's iPhone 4S helped it secure the second place in the US and the UK, but the iOS position in continental Europe weakened. The UK also saw strong demand for the HTC One X - the 12 week period that the report is on covers less than a week of One X availability, but the phone still made it to the Top 10.

Windows Phone is slowly gaining traction thanks to Nokia's switch to the platform (the Finnish company still has a strong presence in Europe). In Germany, WP7 doubled its share to 6% and it got to the 3-4% mark in the US, the UK, France and Italy.
This growth came at a price though - Symbian was one of the biggest losers when it came to market share according to Kantar and so was RIM's BlackBerry. The analyst company claims RIM's platform only hold 3% of the smartphone market (down from 9%). A while back, Nielsen reported that during the three month period ending in February, only 5% of recently bought smartphones were BlackBerrys.


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