Tuesday, 14 February 2012

GPP SIM insert unlocks the AT&T iPhone 4S, no jailbreak needed

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The carrier-locked iPhones became a much lesser problem since the iPhone hit most of the major carriers worldwide. But there are those people who still buy foreign carrier-locked iPhone for various reasons. Most of the locked iPhones come from USA's AT&T, so the GPP SIM tool should be good news for those people.
The GPP SIM tool reportedly unlocks successfully every AT&T-bound iPhone 4S as well as the Japan's KDDI and Softbank iPhone 4S. As with similar solutions such as Gevey and RebelSIM, you just put your SIM along with the insert into the provided SIM tray
and insert the lot into the iPhone. That's it. Here is the video showing how the GPP SIM works.
According to the GPP Team, the GPP SIM unlocks every AT&T iPhone 4S phones running iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.01 no jailbreak needed. There is no mention whether the GPP SIM will work with other carrier-locked iPhones as well.
The thing that the GPP Team forgot to mention is the activation process. Even if that tool works properly, you still need to go through the Apple's servers for authentication. Of course, any active or inactive AT&T/KDDI/Softbank SIM card will do the trick and you should be able to get one from eBay.
The GPP SIM tool is not yet available, but it should be out soon. There is no website where you can check if it is available, but we bet you won’t miss the news for its release.


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