Monday, 9 January 2012

HTC Rhyme review: Pour Femme

By on 09:06

Alright. This one's a bit different. So we act accordingly. And because we're not quite versed in all things fashion, let's move straight to what we're good at. Meet the HTC Rhyme.
HTC Rhyme official pictures
Key Features
  • Comes in colors no man can name
  • Has a purse charm
  • Mirror app preloaded
Main disadvantages
  • There’s no period calendar pre-installed
Seriously, now. Tough job building a ladies phone - but hey, that's what accessories are for. Before we get to them though, the HTC Rhyme is a delicious little phone, except that it's not that little at all. The good thing is the trademark unibody design is less industrial but softer and more delicate. And the colors… Apart from the accessories, the paintjobs are the only thing that makes the handset different. Feminine?
The HTC Rhyme is hard to define. It almost feels like they didn't plan this one as a phone for girls. When they later decided to target the female audience, they came up with all sorts of relevant accessories. You'll never hear anyone at HTC call it the ladies smartphone. But it's being marketed as one. They are extra careful to avoid references to Android and don't even call it a smartphone in any of their ads.


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