Saturday, 3 March 2012

Apple wins another injunction against Motorola in Germany

By on 06:51

The legal battle between Apple and Motorola continues but the latest round goes to the team from Cupertino. Apple has managed to win an injunction against Motorola for its patent regarding the bounce animation displayed in the photo gallery, as was first seen on the iPhone and then later on copied in Motorola devices (along with almost every other touchscreen device out there today).

Thanks to this injunction, Apple can now enforce the ruling, if it so wishes, which would require Motorola to destroy all the existing offending devices in its possession Germany and recall those the remaining ones from German retailers.
Having said that, this does not mean that Motorola could never sell those devices in Germany again, as the fix is relatively easy. All Motorola has to do is modify the photo gallery on its devices such that it does not violate Apple's patent and they could legally start selling the devices again (assuming Apple enforces the ruling).


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