Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nokia to unveil cheaper Windows Phones at MWC

By on 09:29

We all know that Nokia is the king of entry level devices, and it seems they're keen on retaining that title as their upcoming press conference at MWC will supposedly reveal several new midrange WP-powered devices, alongside the new Lumia 610 and the worldwide version of the Lumia 900.

This also comes alongside news that Nokia has become the largest Windows Phone manufacturer, beating out HTC. This is truly an impressive achievement, considering Nokia has only been selling Windows Phone since the start of Q4 2011.

The Nokia/Microsoft partnership would to the casual observer sound like two behemoths dominating a significant piece of the global smartphone market, but in case you're one of the few that need to be reminded, WP and Symbian combined accounted for less than 14% of global smartphone sales in 2011.
The Nokia press conference at MWC is coming up fast, so we expect to find out exactly which devices Nokia plans to unveil very shortly.


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