Tuesday, 17 January 2012

BlackBerry Bold 9790 online in the UK SIM-less

By on 07:51

We previously reported that the BlackBerry Bold 9790, the latest touch and type flagship by RIM will be available over at the UK on January 9. It turns out that now is the moment when the Bold 9790 is yours to purchase over in the United Kingdom for 330 pounds SIM-free.
UK online retailer Clove has received stock of the Bold 9790 and users can already order up. The price is not what you'd consider a bargain and many would argue that buying a BlackBerry device without a BlackBerry service by a carrier is illogical.
Another UK retailer lists the Bold 9790 as free on a contract with all major UK carriers, save for Three UK. Head down to source link number 2 if you want to explore other options.
Still if you want the Bold 9790 it offers a 2.45" 480 x 360 resolution, 1 GHz processor, 5 MP camera with autofocus and 720p video recording.
P.S. We just got ours and it's entering the reviewing queue as we speak


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