Friday, 11 January 2013

Sony Xperia Z to hit all major Australian carriers

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Sony is definitely determined to bring the Xperia Z flagship as in many countries as possible and, of course, as soon as possible.
Australia is the next major market the Sony Xperia Z is going to hit this March. Telstra has already opened forms where you can register your interest of buying the device.
According to the Head of Sony Mobile Oceania, the Australian Optus and Vodafone should also be offering the Xperia Z as well. This means that all major carriers in Oz will be offering the latest Sony flagship.
There is no info on the pricing and the exact launch date, but we guess the price tag on contract won't be that different from its competitors.

The Xperia Z was announced at CES in Las Vegas a few days ago and we already had our first meeting with it. You can check out our hands-on right.


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