Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Samsung adds iPhone 5 to its patents infringement case

By on 06:21

Samsung had already made it clear that they intend to add the iPhone 5 to their patent infringement case against Apple as soon as the product launches. Sticking to that claim, Samsung has done exactly as promised, and the new iPhone 5 now joins the previous iPhones, iPad and iPod touch in Samsung's case.
The patents are mostly 3G standards essential, along with some specific features. After the launch of the iPhone 5, Samsung investigated the device and found it infringing upon its patented technologies.
Of course, Apple has a list of their own with over 20 Samsung devices that they think infringes upon their patents, including devices such as the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S III.
The iPhone 5 will be added to the case when it gets a hearing on November 6. As before, the hearing will take place in a California court and will be presided by Judge Paul Grewal.


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