Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II to cost €639.90 in Germany

By on 10:08

The Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II announcement event last night answered most of the questions about the second-gen phablet, but there was nothing mentioned about the pricing of the device. Well, here comes Vodafone Germany to the rescue, giving us both SIM-free and on-contract pricing for the device.
Sadly, the news isn't too great - the unsubsidized LTE version of the Galaxy Note II will go for €639.90, which translates to just over $800 or £500. Granted, for the price you will be getting the most powerful device on the market (unless the Optimus G makes it to the market first) armed with the latest version of Android and the unique S Pen, but it still seems rather steep.

The good news is that you will probably be able to get the Galaxy Note II on a heavily subsidized price with most major European carriers. Vodafone Germany was the first to confirm that it will be offering the phablet, but it was quickly joined by Three UK, and that was just a few hours after the announcement. At this rate most of the big players will be onboard by the time the Samsung Galaxy Note II is ready to hit the shelves.
The UK carrier hasn't given an on-contract price for the Galaxy Note II, but Vodafone Germany was kind enough to provide it - €79.90 with a two-year contract on the €44.95/month SuperFlat Internet Plus plan.


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