Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sony Xperia S will get vanilla Android as a Google experiment

By on 23:30

All the fans of Sony Xperia S have a darn good reason to smile today. Google has launched an experiment to bring plain vanilla Android to Sony's top shelf smartphone. Jean-Baptiste Queru (JBQ), Google's Technical Lead of the Android Open Source Project delivered the good news.
The reason for selecting the Sony Xperia S was simple according to JBQ: "it's a powerful current GSM device, with an unlockable bootloader, from a manufacturer that has always been very friendly to AOSP." Sony of course will have to play a role in the project as well, but given the company's good record with AOSP involvement, we doubt it will be an issue.

Google's project will essentially bring the Sony Xperia S into the privileged fold of the Nexus family of devices - a mighty great perspective, which is bound to make the handset a lot more attractive.


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