Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III hits Dubai a week early, costs $680

By on 10:43

The Samsung Galaxy S III has arrived in Dubai a week earlier than expected and is already on sale for $666.
This has been confirmed by a vigilantReddit user who noticed an "Available Today" sign under the S III name in a mall store in Dubai. Speaking to an employee he gathered that the store has plenty of Galaxy S III units in stock and all being white variants (no word on which internal storage version it was but we're guessing 16GB).
Other users have also found the phone available (and purchased it) but for around $680. We guess a hefty bunch of people who pre-ordered the Galaxy S III will be less than impressed right about now.

One of the visitors of such a store sent us the pic you see on the left. Unfortunately, the store has already ran out of stock when he got there, but reportedly, more units are on the way, due in the next few days. He confirms the phone was priced at 2500 AED or about US$680.
And hey if you're still on the fence about getting an S III, you might find this useful.


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