Friday, 23 March 2012

LG Optimus LTE P936 previewed before announcement

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What we have here is yet another member of LG's ever-expanding Optimus LTE family. Called LG Optimus LTE P936, the smartphone isn't officially announced yet, but already got its first preview thanks to the guys from GSM Dome.
LG Optimus LTE P936 live shots
The LG Optimus LTE P936 is almost identical to the Korea-bound LG Optimus LTE SU640 in terms of both specs and design.
You get the hot 720p AH-IPS LCD at the front, a Snapdragon chipset featuring 1.5GHz dual-core CPU inside and a 1080p video-capable 8 megapixel shooter at the back. 
What's more interesting here is the target market of the Optimus LTE P936. The model number is close to that of the AT&T-bound LG Nitro HD (P930), so we'd guess the P936 is also headed to the US. Verizon also has an Optimus LTE version - the LG Spectrum, which leaves Sprint as the most probable carrier to get it. Sprint is just a few months away from launching its LTE network and LG might want to be prepared for when the time comes.
Another theory says that the Optimus LTE P936 is the international version of the Optimus LTE. The European market is still to receive some LTE attention from LG and this might be the device.
Anyway, check out the LG Optimus LTE P936 on video:
We're looking forward to the official announcement, which should answer our remaining question.


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