Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Sony Ericsson smartphone coming up next week?

By on 22:16
Sony Ericsson is going to start the New Year with an announcement. The company will be unveiling a new smartphone at CES, which starts next week in Las Vegas. The company mentioned on its Twitter and Facebook accounts that it's going to make a major announcement in exactly seven days and urged users to guess what it will be all about. And, seeing that the attention of everyone in the teaser image is focused on that large-screened smartphone the girl in the blue shirt is holding, that's not quite so hard a challenge.
What's a bit trickier is to guess what exactly Sony Ericsson is going to announce. Currently two of its smartphones are doing the rounds in the rumor mill - the Nozomi and the Nyphon. Logic dictates that it will be the Nozomi, as last year Sony Ericsson announced their Arc flagship at CES and it'll make sense for its successor to appear there, too. Plus the Nyphon is said to be the first smartphone to make do carry the Sony logo, instead of the Sony Ericsson one. And since the merger won't happen before the middle of the year, it's probably too early for this one. In any case, we'll be there and covering the whole thing live for you, so you will know what gets unveiled as quickly as possible.


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